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2006 – bristol-myers squibb had third-quarter earnings in 2006 plunge as sales of the anti-clotting drug plavix were hurt by a cheaper generic.

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even the deep discounted costco pharmacy is selling plavix for almost 7 pill.

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these include aspirin, ibuprofen advil, motrin , clopidogrel plavix , warfarin coumadin , naprosyn aleve, naproxen , and other drugs like these.

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the 98 was cleared, a stent was placed in the artery while the 65 was left alone by the surgeon theorizing that the plavix that i would be prescribed would open it up.

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i tried plavix once and it gave me terrible pains in my legs.

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your doctor may ask you to stop taking plavix for 5-7 days before your surgery.


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